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Beard Trimmer Reviews – Reliable Advice for Modern Men

Men and their beards…is there a stronger connection in the Universe? But when it comes to shaving and trimming, the discussion becomes quite painful. The truth is that men hate shaving and trimming. If there is a beard trimmer that can magically do the beard in seconds, that would be a miracle. When men go shopping for a beard trimmer they can beat any woman when it comes to whimsical attitude. They want to know which the best beard trimmer is and still somehow it doesn’t seem good enough.

But as we are here to help out men who don’t like lumbersexual outlooks and prefer to keep their face neat, here are a few suggestions for mens beard trimmers that can help a lot. These beard trimmer reviews are based on the practical experience of a few men who agreed to participate in the testing.


Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300If you are a neat guy for sure you will love this machine. It has a vacuum system inside so when you trim (or almost shave), all the hairs will stay inside, this means you can do it any place you want – in the car, at the office, etc. You can choose from nineteen length options which are displayed on the LED display. The range encompasses 0.5 mm up to 18 mm. This means that even if you have a shadow of a beard, you can trim it.

The set includes a charging adapter, a small brush for cleaning, two combs – one for trimming, another for contour. The latter will help you follow the shape of your face so that the trimming looks even and elegant.

The most special feature of this beard trimmer is the Turbo power boost button which boosts the cutting and fan power. This makes it the superman of beard trimmers because gentlemen with thicker beards can use it too.

The trimmer can be used either with batteries or corded. The battery lasts for 50-75 minutes of trimming if it is left in the charger for one hour. The left power is also shown on the LED display. The only handicap of this Philips trimmer is that it cannot be washed under water.

Perfect performance
Catches even the smallest hairs of 0.5 mm
Contour comb
Extra speed provided by the power boost button
Long life of the battery
Vacuum system

You cannot wash it under water


WAHL 9854-600 LITHIUM ION ALL IN ONE TRIMMERIn case that the most important feature of your beard trimmer should be power, then you have come to the right place. When you charge this machine for one hour, you get 2 hours of trimming power, at least. The set includes charger, cleaning brush, oil for the blades, trimmer blade, beard comb, T-blade, blade for nose, ear and brows, dual shaver, three beard guide combs and six positions for trimming. The perfect set for a busy gentleman. The length of the bears combs are 3 mm, 6 mm and 9.5 mm. The six positions start from 2 mm up to 12 mm. The performance of this Wahl model is extraordinary as it also has a quick charging for 1 minute option if you are in a hurry. But as we don’t live in a perfect world here are the disadvantages  – it cannot be washed under water and it is quite noisy and with stronger vibrations.

Incredible performance power
Long lasting battery
All in one trimmer (beard, nose, ears and brows)
High quality design

You cannot wash it under water
Creates more noise and vibrations


PANASONIC ER-GB40-S CORDLESS MOUSTACHE & BEARD TRIMMER WETDRYSo far we reviewed mens beard trimmers that cannot be used under water, but if you are one of those guys who loves trimming in the shower as it also saves time, this Panasonic model is the right one for you. It is waterproof and has a system that takes out water by itself without opening it. It is sold with a charging stand, brush for cleaning, three combs. The length settings allows 19 options – from 1 mm to 10 mm. The stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic and the grip is made of firm rubber which is of great importance when you trim under the shower.
You need to charge it for 15 hours in order to use it for 50 minutes.

Can be used under water
Solid rubber grip
Hypoallergenic blades
Shaving cream can be applied

It takes too long to recharge – 15 hours
Long battery recharge time (15 hours)


REMINGTON MB4040 LITHIUM ION POWERED MEN’S RECHARGEABLE MUSTACHE, BEARD AND STUBBLE TRIMMERIf you want to have the best beard trimmer, then this is the one. It is the perfect combination between low price, water use and long life of the battery. It has three heads – beard, goatee and stubble. The beard attachment can go through even the thickest beards, the goatee one is to shape up your goatee and sideburns. The stubble attachment is for stubble trimming and you get the three-day beard look. The remington beard trimmer has nine length settings – from 1 mm up to 18 mm. As already mentioned above the battery lasts for 2 hours and the trimmer can be used under water.

Long life of the battery
Very powerful
Titanium blades
Can be used under water
Low price for the quality it provides

Some men say that the battery doesn’t last for two hours any more after a few months of use


CONAIR GMT170xcs 12-PIECE BATTERY OPERATED BEARD AND MUSTACHE TRIMMERIf the best beard trimmer for you holds the keyword cordless, then this one is your thing. This trimmer uses 3 AA batteries (they are not included in the set). The attachment comb has five positions for precise blending, trimming and tapering. The three blending combs for the jawline makes trimming that face part safe, avoiding cuts and scratches. The goatee trimmer is also included in the box. All the paraphernalia are organized tidy in a hold-all storage stand. The price of this conair trimmer is more than affordable which makes it a preferable choice by many men.

Works on batteries, can be used anywhere
The jawline blending combs
Mustache comb
Solid Steel blade
Five position comb
Storage stand that holds all parts

After a few months use men observe that the beard trimmer gets weak
After using the trimmer for a few minutes, the metal part gets very hot


BRAUN CRUZER 6 BEARD AND HEAD TRIMMERThis braun cruzer model is proclaimed to be the most powerful in the line and it can be used both for trimming hair on the head and on your face. Although it is claimed to be probably the best beard trimmer of the Braun line with the perfect ergonomic design, it still has some disadvantages that cannot be overrun.

The trimmer has a powerful dual battery and it can be used on tough beards too. The beard comb has six settings and the hair comb has the same. The trimmer is sold with a travel case where all the elements are neatly organized. The battery survives for 40 minutes after being charged for one hour. The trimmer can be used under water and the LED indicator warns you about the left life of the battery. The trimming length is from 1 mm up to 20 mm – absolutely enough for any man’s taste.

Strong battery system
Tough beards are not a problem
Six positions both for hair and beard trimming
Long life of the battery – 40 minutes
Usable under water both for hair and beard
2 years of warranty
Affordable price – in the mid range

When used on thick hair the trimmer needs to be cleaned in between cuts
It doesn’t have replaceable batteries which means once they are out of life, you throw the trimmer in the bin
The motor is not very powerful

So, men, good luck and make sure you choose the right trimmer!